Defcon's Awards:

"Defcon's exceptional sound design deserves no small share of the credit for the emotional
and aesthetic impact of Introversion's luminously deadly war sim."
Best Sound Design
Edge Awards 2006 - Runner up

"The experience is further enhanced by the haunting soundtrack....
Effects are used superbly too, with the howling winds of the holocaust echoing in the background,
nursery rhymes floating eerily from one speaker to the other and the faint cough as another innocent victim draws
their last breath can all be heard as you prime your next nuke.
It's disturbing stuff, but it perfectly complements DEFCON's minimalist visual approach."
Best Use of Audio
Runner up
IGN Awards 2006

Best Sound Design
Rodent Awards 2006

Games Developer Awards 2007:
Finalist for BEST AUDIO.

Defcon's Reviews:

"Surpassing even the lofty standards set by Darwinia, (Defcon's) soundtrack is an apt accompaniment to the winter of the world.
A masterclass in understatement, its muted thumps, delicate piano chords and vocal effects
are chilling reminders of what those light blooms represent."

"One of the most chilling aspects of Defcon is the subtle ways it suggests that it's more than a simulation,
something it does almost entirely through sound design..."
Ryan Davis -
Gamespot UK

"The war plays out in silence but for a ghostly soundtrack of unsettlingly off-key tones, coughing and soft sobbing....
It's slow, dark and sinister...."
Tom Francis -

"The game's background music and graphics are sparse but they're used to amazing effect.
The old adage of 'less is more' definitely comes into play here..."

"The minimal graphics and sound design are a sublime example of the old adage that sometimes less is more.
For instance, tangled somewhere in the soundscape is a woman sobbing.
It's one of the more unsettling things you'll hear in a computer game..."
Tom Chick -
Yahoo Games

Darwinia's Reviews:

"The compulsion to annihilate is born substantially out of the truly excellent soundscape,
the sickeningly fizzy slither of the infection threatening to drown out the anxious mewls of the Darwinians."
- Edge #147
Darwinia also came runner up for Best Sound Design in
Edge Awards 2005

"The in-game sounds generated by the viral hordes and the stickmen are similarly excellent.
Electronic beeps, squelches, and chirrups that wash together into the eeriest of choruses."
- Tim Stone, PC Gamer #146

"It's not hard to feel sympathy when you hear the Darwinians' bleepy screams of terror as the computer generated enemies pursue them..."
- PC Zone #153

"The game's sound production is a study of 8-bit retro surround mastery.
Every sample and effect was produced and mixed to recreate the feeling of 8-bit sound, but in full 16 bit surround playback.
The soundscape is reproduced to perfection, with environmental and action sounds panning and fading
as they should with every camera move."
Techconnect Magazine

"The game sounds organic, alive, almost as if the game world boiled with life. It's at times a scary soundscape that it creates.
It sounds as I imagine it would if an electric monster ate code"
Reset Website

"It's the screaming that gets you. Most videogame characters expire with cartoonish grunts and moans.
Darwinians go out with a terrible, blood-curdling noise that makes you think that in their moment of death
they are each vocalizing the deep existential horror that comes with the instant realization of one's forthcoming non-existence."

"The sublime music and sound effects were produced by combining old arcade game sounds with current generation sound engineering.
For the old-school nostalgia tragics amongst us, this is bliss."
Australian Game Pro